Heritage Faversham Linewood

Heritage Faversham Linewood Multipanel Wall Panels will look great in any bathroom, especially more traditionally styled bathrooms. The cool tones of these wall panels will help to create a relaxing environment for your bathroom – a place where you can come after a long hard day in the office and unwind whilst you soak in a bubble bath. Available in both single panels and complete solutions, depending on your requirements. The panels come with two edge choices to help you create your perfect layout. An unlipped straight edge for corners, or a tongue and groove edge that join panels together seamlessly. If you’re wondering whether this design is the one for you, then we do also offer a sample panel!

  1. heritage-faversham-linewood-complete-solutions

    Heritage Faversham Linewood Complete Solutions

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  2. heritage-faversham-linewood-single-panels

    Heritage Faversham Linewood Single Panels

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