Grohe ShockProof

Grohe ShockProof

Grohe ShockProof silicone ring protects the shower head and tray.

At Grohe they don’t just think about the internal workings or the styling of a shower but the impact of their shower heads on the rest of the bathroom, like the shower tray, literally!

The Grohe ShockProof shower heads consist of a durable silicone ring which has been fitted to the outside of the handset, this stops small hands and generally clumsy people from denting the bath or chipping the shower tray when they drop it. The protection works both ways too and stops the shower head from being badly damaged.

The silicone ring doesn’t detract from the overall look either as it’s finished in grey to blend with the rest of the handset.

Save your bathroom some unnecessary abuse with Grohe ShockProof.