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Greenwood Extractor Fans

As you can imagine any company that’s been operating since 1879 would have an expert knowledge on the field that they’re in. Greenwood are definitely no exception and are miles ahead in the design and manufacturing of their SMART ventilation systems. Their aim is to deliver the best ventilation experience for the installer and the homeowner and anyone that might interact with them during a refurbishment project or new build. The range of precision engineered Greenwood products that we sell consists of shower specific extractors, general bathroom extractors and the bathroom accessories to assist in installing them. They can be purchased as silent fans, discreet fans or even decorative fans for the more style focused bathroom. For more information view our subgroups below.

  1. greenwood-airvac-shower-extractor-fans

    Greenwood Airvac Shower Extractor Fans

    2 choices
    From £56.36
  2. greenwood-airvac-bathroom-extractor-fans

    Greenwood Airvac Bathroom Extractor Fans

    3 choices
    From £29.94
  3. greenwood-airvac-extractor-fan-accessories

    Greenwood Airvac Extractor Fan Accessories

    4 choices
    From £8.96