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For many of us, our morning shower is every bit as important to waking up as the first cup of caffeine. To ensure we get out of the right side of bed every day of the week, it’s important to have a functional and fashionable shower that not only serves its purpose well, but looks great doing so, too. The Gainsborough GS100 Exposed Mixer Shower ticks both those boxes with aplomb, bringing style and panache to any bathroom.

If your current shower unit is looking tired and worse for wear, or no longer performs to its full capacity, it might be time for an upgrade. Or perhaps you’re looking for an entirely new shower set to complement a refurbished or newly installed bathroom. Whatever your circumstances, the chrome finish, complete with all-chrome accessories, will add a touch of class to any household.

With the option to have the Gainsborough GS100 surface-mounted or recessed, the unit is equipped to make the most of your unique space. It’s fully compatible with all approved water supply systems and plumbing styles, from combination boilers to high pressure systems to gravity fed outfits. This versatility means that the Gainsborough GS100 can fit seamlessly into any existing shower cubicle setup, easing installation times and reducing stress levels in the process.

Both temperature and flow are controlled by a single lever. Ranging from 0.2 to 5 bar, the pressure can be adjusted by raising or lowering the lever, while temperature is dictated by moving it to the left for hot water (up to 65°C) or right for cold. In this manner, it couldn’t be simpler to manually adjust the flow of water to the temperature and pressure that’s right for you, all without the need for confusing dials or redundant buttons.

The entire unit is constructed from brass, giving it durability and superior quality, while the silver chrome finish catches the eye. The flexible hose can easily be adjusted to any head height or removed for manual showering, while the single-mode showerhead comes equipped with its own rub-clean spray plate to allow for the easy removal of limescale and other detritus with the minimum of fuss. Together, these features ensure the Gainsborough GS100 not only looks good and feels great, but stays as effective and as aesthetically pleasing as the day it was installed for years to come.

Designed as a direct replacement for the Gainsborough Consort, the GS100 is guaranteed to brighten up any bathroom in which it features and provide exactly the kind of pore-opening surge that’s needed at the beginning of a busy day and the stress-relieving tonic that’s needed at the end of it. And with a one-year guarantee for all GS100 units as standard, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re covered for any eventuality.

Features and benefits:

  • All-chrome finish for sleek and stylish look
  • Fully compatible with all plumbing systems
  • Single lever controls both flow and temperature
  • Can be either surface-mounted or recessed
  • Minimum operating pressure: 0.2 bar
  • Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar
  • Inlets: 15mm compression fittings at 150mm Centres
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee as standard
CE Approved 1 Year Guarantee



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