Gainsborough 8.5kw GSE Electric Shower Graphite - 97554047


Gainsborough 8.5kw GSE Electric Shower Graphite - 97554047

The Gainsborough 8.5kW Graphite Electric Shower is simple to use and family friendly. With just a single control which manages both water temperature and flow, plus a start/stop push button, this shower provides optimum ease and practicality.

The maximum water flow is achieved by adapting automatically to changes in the water pressure supply, as well as flexible nozzles within the shower head adapting depending on the water flow rate. At 8.5kW, this shower is extremely economical, whilst maintaining a stylish exterior through its sleek graphite finish.


Design Features:

  • Graphite finish with fully chromed accessories
  • Start/Stop push button
  • 3 mode showerhead
  • A simple, single control manages both temperature and flow
  • ‘Spray control’ maximises flow by automatically adapting to the temperature of your household’s mains water supply
  • Easy to rub-clean showerhead to minimise an accumulation of Lime scale
  • Includes a showerhead to hose connection which prevents twisting within the shower hose


Safety Features:

    • Intermittent shut down in phases
    • Heat Sensor


Technical Info:

  • Minimum operating pressure – 0.9bar (@ 8l/pm), Maximum – 10bar
  • Water and Cable entry at top, bottom and rear right of unit
  • Dimensions: Height – 297mm, Width – 217.76mm, Depth – 103.57mm


Quality Assurance:

    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Approved by BEAB


1 Year Guarantee

£91.97 (Inc. VAT)

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