This Gainsborough 10.5 CSE is the most powerful of the CSE range, providing you with the optimum shower experience. This also makes it the perfect family shower, as its safety features allow you peace of mind, and its easy-to-use design means that all members of the family won’t have any trouble with operation.

These Gainsborough showers also contains ‘Spray Control’ technology, which maintains an even spray pattern and automatically corrects to the temperature of the mains water supply, thus maximising water flow for an exquisite shower.

The showerhead also features unique 'active' silicone nozzles which adapt according to the flow rate, and a 'push click' connection conveniently prevents twisting in the shower hose.

Design Features:

  • Elegant Satin Chrome Finish with fully Chromed accessories
  • Powerful 10.5kW Voltage
  • Start/Stop push button
  • 3 mode showerhead
  • A simple, single dial controls both flow and temperature
  • ‘Spray control’ maximises flow by automatically correcting to the temperature of your household’s mains water supply
  • Easy to rub-clean showerhead to minimise accumulation of Lime scale
  • Includes a 'push click' hose to showerhead connection, which prevents inconvenient twisting in the shower hose


Safety Features:

    • Phased shut down
    • Heat Sensor


Technical Info:


  • Minimum operating pressure – 0.9bar (@ 8l/pm), Maximum – 10bar
  • Water and Cable entry at top, bottom and rear right of unit
  • Dimensions: Height – 297mm, Width – 217.76mm, Depth – 103.57mm


Quality Assurance:

    • 1 Year Guarantee
    • BEAB approved


1 Year Guarantee

Techincal Drawings

£79.97 (Inc. VAT)

10 Available