Franke White Plate Rack

Do you find yourself trying to recreate a leaning tower of plates every time you wash up the dishes? If so, Franke have a solution, in the form of a handy plate rack. Place this plate rack on your draining area and watch your plates dry off comfortably. The white finish means that this plate rack will make a great addition to any kitchen, no matter the style or colour. However, if you're looking for a bit of guidance in styling, we do recommend sinks: Franke Compact Plus CPX 611-780 and Erica EUX 651,

Franke also takes into account that this product is going to be near water, constant immersion in hot water can considerably shorten your plate racks life. The rack is intended to be used as a place to put wet dishes whilst you are washing up, and while hot water will inevitably drip onto the basket itself it is designed to allow this. Constant full immersion will soften the plastic coating which may then be pierced by sharp objects. Splits in the plastic coating can lead to the meat underneath rusting, so be sure not to use the rack fully immersed in hot water.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy and quick drainage

  • Suitable for most plate sizes

  • Has anti-slip feet

  • Compatible with Franke Compact Plus CPX 611-780 and Erica EUX 651 Sinks.


2 Year Guarantee

Techincal Drawings

£8.20 (Inc. VAT)

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