Franke Stainless Steel Strainer Bowl

The Franke Stainless Steel Strainer Bowl is designed to help you drain away the water from your freshly prepared vegetables. Instead of trying to balance your colander and saucepan which is full of boiling hot water, you can now just pour your vegetables into the strainer bowl and watch the water satisfyingly drain out. This is also multi-functional you can use it to store your cutlery when washing up! You could also use it to store the peelings of your carrots and potatoes.

Constructed from a super durable and robust stainless steel, this product is built to last, you also know that you're in good hands because this is a product of Franke. Franke is best known for their amazing quality kitchen products!

Features and benefits:

  • Made from Strong Stainless steel
  • Easy drainage of water
  • Ideal for easy preparation of fruit and vegetables
  • Compatible with Franke Calypso COG 651 Sink


2 Year Guarantee

Techincal Drawings

£46.61 (Inc. VAT)

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