Franke Rotondo RB Iroko Round Chopping Board


Franke Rotondo RB Iroko Round Chopping Board

A chopping board is an essential piece of kit for anyone who ever plans on doing any cooking in their kitchen. The last thing you want is to get scratches and cuts all over your kitchen work surfaces just because you fancied chopping up some carrots for dinner.

This chopping board also has great aesthetic qualities too, with a wood iroka finish and unique ridges along its edges. It will match superbly with any wooden work surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Features an iroka finish. This is a golden brown colour that comes from a large hardwood tree native to the West coast of Africa. Please note that the finished colour may differ slightly to that in the image shown.
  • Suitable for use with Franke Rotondo kitchen sinks.
  • The chopping board is designed for use on the draining board of the Rotondo kitchen sink, not in the sink itself. Although washing the chopping board in water is fine, leaving it fully submerged in water for long periods may result in the chopping board becoming unusable.
CE Approved

£42.90 (Inc. VAT)

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