This stunning 2 piece accessory set is perfect for anyone who is looking to add the finishing touches to their kitchen, or just wanting to make the evening routine a little less stressful by having more space to stack up plates when doing the washing up. This accessory set will look stunning next to your Franke sink (compatible with Franke Erica EUX 651 Sinks)

The accessory set includes 2 stunning white accessories, a drainer basket and a Plastic Strainer bowl. You may just think that you're buying a simple drainer basket, but you're buying a drainer basket that is going to last the distance, because this is manufactured by the UK's leading brand for kitchenware, Franke. It has a stainless steel construction with a plastic coating to really ensure sustained durability. Inside the drainer, there's an integral plate holder so you can stack plates easily and safely. There's plenty of other room around this section to allow you to dry multiple objects at the same time, so washing the dishes will be far simpler than having to contend with limited space and getting the worktop wet.

The smooth and sleek design of the strainer bowl is perfect for those who are tired of trying to balance a colander and saucepan when you're rinsing your fruit and veg. pour the vegetables and the water into the bowl and watch as the water satisfyingly pours out of the bowl and down the plug. Constructed from a durable and robust plastic, this product is made to test the sands of time.

Features and benefits:

  • Drainer Basket;
  • Comes with ant-slip feet
  • Has a smooth white finish
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Strainer Bowl;
  • Has a sleek white finish
  • Made from strong plastic
  • Easy for rinsing and washing food such as fruit and vegetables.
  • Compatible with Franke Erica EUX 651 Sinks.
2 Year Guarantee

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£36.67 (Inc. VAT)

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