Franke 2 Piece Accessory Set

The Franke 2 Piece Accessory Set is a must have for any kitchen, complete with a strainer bowl and drainer

Franke Compact CP651 Strainer Bowl

This white strainer is designed to match your sink colour and décor. The Franke Compact Strainer Bowl will make juggling a colander and a saucepan of hot water a thing of the past, no more octopus-like gymnastics in your kitchen! It’s also handy to store your cutlery in whilst it is drying saving valuable dish draining space. No more picking the peelings out of the plug hole in the main sink, you can simply peel them in them over the Compact Strainer Bowl then when you are finished remove the bowl and empty the peelings straight into the bin, or if you are being good and green into the compost bin. No more mess!

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra draining holes along the side and bottom
  • Colour: White
  • Can be used for the Half Bowl of the Compact, Compact Nova, Nobel & Erica Families of Sinks
  • Dimensions of Basket, 315mm length 177mm width, 112mm height


Franke Universal White Drainer Basket

Most kitchen sinks come with extra space in order to place wet kitchen utensils when you're washing up. Unfortunately, given how many things we use during the cooking process for families these days, it's often unsuitable to put them there unless you want a giant pile that could collapse at any moment. Thankfully Franke have provided a solution in the form of a drainer basket. There's plenty of room available to stack washing up in, and the water will drain out swiftly.

Features and Benefits

Care and Maintenance

Franke notes that the life of the basket depends entirely on how it is used. Some people have chosen to use the basket in the sink during washing up. This is not advisable as constant immersion in hot water can considerably shorten your drainer baskets life. The basket is intended to be used as a place to put wet dishes whilst you are washing up, and while hot water will inevitably drip onto the basket itself it is designed to allow this. Constant full immersion will soften the plastic coating which may then be pierced by sharp objects. Splits in the plastic coating can lead to the metal underneath rusting, so be sure not to use the basket fully immersed in hot water.


  • Width: 295mm
  • Length: 375mm
  • Height: 120mm
2 Year Guarantee

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