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With many of us spending months (even years!) designing the perfect bathroom space, it’s important that your fixtures and always are always on point, and that means no leaks!

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality solution to all your bathroom connection problems, we have just the answer…

If you’re looking to form a permanent connection between your WC pan and your soil pipe, this flexible pan connector should be your first port of call, especially if you’re dealing within a confined area where space restrictions can often make installation difficult.

Allowing you to reap the benefits of an extendable, strong and flexible connection, this easy-to-install solution is quick and simple to fit, even if DIY isn’t necessarily your forte!

Product Features

  • Extendable pipe with fins
  • Extendable from 205-510mm
  • Pan outlet fitting from 80 to 105mm
  • 100mm spiral metal sheath
  • Outlet with fins from 93mm-110mm
CE Approved
Flexible Pan Connector
Flexible Pan Connector
Flexible Pan Connector

£24.94 (Inc. VAT)

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Flexible Pan Connector Reviews

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4.9/ 5
21 reviews
  • Aden Dixon
    5/ 5

    I'd never heard of the website before if I'm total honest. We brought a normal waste pipe from a main outlet but when we tried to fit it it wasn't working! :( I looked up the product online and this was I think about the 3/4 website that came up. It was only by chance that I clicked on it. And I'm glad I did! Purchase and checkout was quick and easy with no need to register (unless you wanted to) 3 days later the product arrived, fitted perfectly and so easy and so far... No leaks :) The communication fro the company was very good, letting me know along the way what was happening with the product. Then letting me know even after the sale that I could still return the item - highly recommended! And the product is just great! Thank you

  • Evan Mcdaniel
    5/ 5

    We bought a house and ordered a new bathroom for when we moved but stupidly didnt check where the exisiting soil pipe was and just assumed it went out the wall! Wellllll it went into the ground!! This product is a godsend....its well made, easy to use and a great price. Add to that the great service we have recieved from plumbworld ,we are very happy customers!

  • Woony
    5/ 5

    We had a small problem with our new toilet! the outlet was a cast iron pipe through the wall which had to be cut back flush with the wall, so a flexible pan connector was required to finish the job and this item was perfect for the job, it looks great, fits perfectly and gives the toilet a professional finish!! Superb!!

  • poolie1940
    5/ 5

    Unlike others purchased to do the job, this flexible pan connector was fitted forming a tight bend in a restricted space in seconds and was totally leak-free. The fact that the the end that connected into the soil pipe was tapered slightly helped enormously. Brilliant.

  • Passmog
    5/ 5

    Purchased product when replacing Classic coloured cloakroom toilet with modern concealed unit. As the outlet of the new toilet was offset from waste pipe this pan connector made it easy with no leaks.

  • Donald
    5/ 5

    Apart from having to cut off the larger flap to allow the pipe to stay in the old cast pipe (90mm), as it kept springing back out! this connector made the job of replacing the toilet a doddle.

  • joshua
    5/ 5

    used this with the milan short projection toilet and it was a great aid to fitting the plumbing in the outlet when I had some difficulty fitting the unit.

  • Royski
    5/ 5

    What a great piece of equipment, fits the unit perfectly and solves the problem-lack of space. Worth every penny and was delivered on time.

  • Nathanial Mack
    5/ 5

    As already mentioned this Flexible Pan Connector is shorter than most on the market, so fitting into a tight space makes it a lot easier.

  • John Dark
    5/ 5

    This product was excellent, quick delivery and easy to fit without the need to move the toilet. Absolutely delighted with the product.

  • Jesus Wong
    5/ 5

    I am renovating my bathroom and as pipework is restricted, this flexible connection does the job I expected it to do.

  • laughing crocodile
    5/ 5

    Have not yet fitted this item but looks to be the ideal product for the situation. Still waiting for plumber.

  • Alexandria Shea
    5/ 5

    Does what it says. Not an architectural icon but it works and is quick and easy to fit

  • Dominik Wilcox
    5/ 5

    the flex pipe was easy to fit, can't see it so looks doon't come into it.

  • Anthony Mitchell
    5/ 5

    Makes fitting toilet pan easy. Great price. Will use in the future

  • Trent Hoffman
    5/ 5

    best purchase ever made fitting the toilet a lot easier.

  • grumpy
    5/ 5

    essential in my case to fit a toilet into a restricted area

  • Yemz
    5/ 5

    Works well, good fit, does what it says on the tin

  • Makayla Allison
    5/ 5

    Easy to use, dose what it says on the can

  • Camryn Swanson
    4/ 5

    A good way of dealing with an awkwardly sited soil pipe. This unit allows flexibility in siting the pan, and is robust and well built, although you do have to double check the pan connector is properly seated on the tube.