Flavel inset Gas Fires

Our stunning range of Flavel inset gas fires takes full advantage of your existing chimney and/or your flue piping to provide you with a gorgeous focal point in your room without losing any floorspace. They fit neatly into the bottom of the chimney and come in a huge arrange of styles and designs to suit a whole host of different room decors. The real flames will not only provide heat but they’ll also bring relaxation and comfort to the room that the fire’s fitted in.

  1. falvell-class-1-full-depth-gas-fires

    Flavell Class 1 Full Depth Gas Fires

    64 products
    From £216.18
  2. flavell-class-2-slimline-gas-fires

    Flavell Class 2 Slimline Gas Fires

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    From £222.96
  3. flavell-hole-in-the-wall-gas-fires

    Flavell Hole In The Wall Gas Fires

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    From £355.98