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When the colder months of the year come around, we believe there is nothing better than lighting a fire to help warm up. At Plumbworld, we offer a huge range of fires, so you’re bound to find the right one for you and your family.

Our range of fireplaces includes everything, from minimalistic hole-in-the-wall gas fires to hearth-mounted electric fires - we have something to suit every home. You’ll find brands including Celsi, Dimplex, Flavel and Valor, all of which feature gas and electric fires that cater to any budget.

So, whether you’re looking for a traditional fireplace or something more contemporary, you’ll find it with Plumbworld. Discover the perfect fire for your home today...

  1. gas-fires

    Gas Fires

    181 products
    From £218.98
  2. electric-fires

    Electric Fires

    238 products
    From £69.95
  3. be-modern-fires

    Be Modern Fires

    16 products
    From £158.41
  4. celsi-fires

    Celsi Fires

    91 products
    From £250.80
  5. crystal-fires

    Crystal Fires

    6 choices
    From £874.80
  6. dimplex-fires

    Dimplex Fires

    24 products
    From £89.72
  7. flavel-fires

    Flavel Fires

    124 products
    From £227.98
  8. legend-fires

    Legend Fires

    15 products
    From £1,259.28
  9. adam-fires

    Adam Fires

    56 products
    From £106.85
  10. robinson-willey-fires

    Robinson Willey Fires

    11 choices
    From £266.98
  11. valor-fires

    Valor Fires

    22 products
    From £218.98