The Fernox Powerflush Cleaner F5 Liquid is an effective pH neutral central heating system cleaner. Designed to remove sludge, scale and debris from systems of all ages.

It’s a non-hazardous, neutral product which is compatible with all materials commonly found in a central heating system.

Ideal for use with powerflushing machines.

The use of Fernox DS40 cleaner may also be required if the system is very heavily scaled.


Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for use with all known powerflushing machines
  • Removes flux residues, debris, scale and sludge to restore the heating efficiency of a system of any age.
  • Compatible with all materials commonly found in a domestic heating systems.
  • Simple to use and the heating system can be left in operation as normal during cleaning.
  • 1 litre bottle.
CE Approved


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