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Fernox DS-3 is ideal for removing scale from any sort of water heater to help restore its efficiency. This would include hot water cylinders, boilers, kettles, pipework, taps and many more.

Suitable for use with steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, cast iron, PVC, polythene and ABS.


Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly restores efficiency to all varieties of water heater.
  • Colour change indicates when the product has been exhausted.
  • It can dissolve up to 50% of its own weight of scale.
  • Powerful acid scale remover.
  • Easy to use and safe to apply.
  • Corrosion inhibited.
CE Approved


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Fernox DS-3 Limescale Remover 2kg - 61027 Reviews

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5.0/ 5
4 reviews
  • James
    5/ 5

    Excellent product does exactly what is say on the drum! Excellent service/delivery.

  • Reza Pirnia
    5/ 5

    This is the best limescale remover I have ever seen and the value is grate.

  • Rob
    5/ 5

    Great product for descaling domestic boiler heat exchangers & a good price

  • Andy Cooke
    5/ 5

    Excellent stuff, does exactly what it says on the tub.