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Enclosures - End of Summer Sale

  1. Hydrolux 900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 4mm Glass

  2. Diamond 800mm Frameless Quadrant Shower enclosure - 8mm Glass

  3. Diamond 1100mm Wet Room Screen - 8mm Glass

  4. Luxura 1400x900mm Walk In Shower Enclosure - 6mm Glass with Podium Anti Slip Tray (LeftHand Entry)

  5. 1400 x 800mm Walk In Shower Enclosure - 700mm Screen - 8mm Glass and Podium Anti Slip Tray

  6. Hydrolux 1000mm Sliding Shower Door - 4mm Glass

  7. Diamond 1200mm Framed Sliding Shower Door - 8mm Glass

  8. Diamond 1400mm Frameless Sliding Shower Door & Side Panel - 8mm Glass

  9. Hydrolux 800mm Pivot Shower Door - 4mm Glass

  10. Luxura 760x760mm Pivot Shower Door & Side Panel - 6mm Glass

  11. Mira Leap 1200mm Pivot Shower Door & Side Panel - 6mm Glass

  12. Hydrolux 760mm Bi-fold Shower Door - 4mm Glass

  13. Luxura 900mm Bi-fold Shower Door - 6mm Glass

  14. Hydrolux 760mm Corner Entry Enclosure - 4mm Glass

  15. Diamond 900mm Framed Hinged Shower Door - 8mm Glass

  16. Mira Leap 1000 x 800mm Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 6mm Glass (Left Hand Entry)

  17. Kinedo Kineprime Glass Pivot Door Alcove Shower Cubicle 800 x 800mm

  18. Kinedo Horizon Quadrant Sliding Door Shower Cubicle 900 x 900mm

  19. Kinedo Horizon Corner Entry Sliding Door Shower Cubicle 1100 x 800mm