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  • Stylish designer radiators that combine performance and panache
  • Double panel design achieves optimal heat output and circulation
  • Low-carbon steel for an environmentally-friendly, long-lasting option
  • Cool anthracite colour adds contemporary class to any room
  • Compatible with every kind of home heating system
  • 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard

The DuraTherm Horizonal Oval Tube Double Panel Designer Radiator Anthracite is the premium choice in designer home heating appliances. With its double-panel, oval-tube design, the DuraTherm is engineered to quickly and efficiently conduct heat to all parts of the room. Manufactured from low-carbon steel and treated to an anthracite finish, it is built to last and designed to catch the eye. Offering the utmost in compatibility and available in two different sizes, this classy designer radiator is at the cutting edge of home heating design, durability and performance.

With its unique triple-layered manufacturing process, the unit is built to last from low-carbon steel. This means that it has not only been made with safeguarding the environment in mind, but also a long and blemish-free life; the materials used have been specifically chosen for their impressive resistance to rust, scratches and general wear and tear. It has also been tested to national EN 442 standards and is fully compliant with the international ISO9001:2008 regulations, meaning you can enjoy complete peace of mind that the DuraTherm double panel designer radiator is made of the sturdiest stuff out there.

The unit has been treated to a high-quality powder-coating anthracite finish, which leaves it with all of the class and contemporary charm of the colour of coal. Meanwhile, the swooping curves of its contours and the straight-edged outline of its design makes it an attractive addition to any existing home décor. The innovative double panel layout of its heating bars on either side of the central unit has been specifically chosen to maximise heat output and conduct it quickly and efficiently throughout the room, achieving an optimal temperature in a reduced time.

Finally, all DuraTherm units are compatible with both tank-fed and combination home heating systems, making them a one-stop shop for your heating needs, regardless of the size, location or history of your home. All radiators come with all of the fixtures and fittings you need (valves sold separately) and we’re so confident in the quality of this product that we’ve thrown in a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard. What’s not to like? Double your home’s heating potential – and its aesthetic appeal – with the DuraTherm double panel designer radiator today.

10 Year Guarantee Double Oval Anthracite Radiators



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