Dual Outlet Pumped Digital Showers

Create that spa feeling at home with our range of dual outlet, pumped digital showers. With two shower heads, one fixed and one removable, you have all the freedom you need to ensure optimal cleanliness while still basking in luxury and style. With elegant, contemporary designed, these pumped digital showers are specifically designed for low-pressure systems, so you don’t need a combi boiler to enjoy the latest in luxurious, modern technology. Utilising a pump built in to the shower system, the water is mixed to the desired temperature while the pump works to ensure increased water pressure and optimal flow. Unlike standard power showers, the digital showers utilise an abundance of technology to make the experience as simple, precise and practical as possible. With eye-catching LED displays, snazzy digital mixer valves that can be attached to the wall anywhere in your home, easy installation and simple controls that are easy for even technology novices to master, the digital shower range has it all. With rear-fed and ceiling fed models available, installation is easier than you’d think, and with models with both rear and ceiling fed outlets available, you can have the best of both worlds in your elegantly contemporary shower.

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    Dual Outlet Ceiling Fed Pumped Digital Showers

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    Dual Outlet Rear Fed Pumped Digital Showers

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    Dual Outlet Ceiling & Rear Fed Pumped Digital Showers

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