Dual Outlet High Pressure Digital Showers

Nothing says precision like a digital shower, with their incredible temperature control, wireless digital mixer valves and stunning contemporary style, they’ve never been more popular. Offering a surprisingly simple installation and several key features you won’t find with a standard mixer shower, our range of dual-outlet digital showers are designed for high-pressure systems utilising a combi boiler. Like a mixer shower, the digital shower mixes the water together to create the precise temperature you’ve set using the control valve, showering you with luxury, style and practicality each and every time. Feel like royalty with the high-end luxury chrome finish and innovative modern technology that will give the perfect touch of elegance and style to any bathroom. The dual outlet system gives you not only a main, fixed shower head, but also a detachable second shower head that can be removed and used to create a truly spa-like experience.

  1. dual-outlet-ceiling-fed-high-pressure-digital-showers

    Dual Outlet Ceiling Fed High Pressure Digital Showers

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    Dual Outlet Rear Fed High Pressure Digital Showers

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  3. Dual Outlet - High Pressure Digital Showers

    Dual Outlet Ceiling & Rear Fed High Pressure Digital Showers

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