Dual Outlet Ceiling Fed Pumped Digital Showers

Cutting edge technology, sleek, stylish designs and innovative engineering make up the fabulous dual outlet, ceiling fed pumped digital shower range. With luxury models from a range of well-known brands, digital showers are the newest innovation in stylish, simple showers. Giving you ultimate control over temperature, and utilising modern designs, LED displays, simple controls and wireless shower control valves which can be wall-mounted almost anywhere, the digital shower range is the best way to add that extra sparkle to your contemporary bathroom. Pumped systems allow low-pressure systems from gravity, fed water tanks to achieve high-pressure results by using a built-in pump placed within the shower system unit. Digital showers use hot and cold water supplies and mix them to create the perfect temperature, accurate to within a degree of the temperature set on the thermostat, giving you, your family and your guests the ultimate shower experience. Ceiling fed units allow for easy installation, giving you the freedom to install beautiful, modern-day shower pieces with spotless chrome-finishes without having to zig-zag around existing pipework or other issues, resulting in a rain-shower experience from above. The dual outlet functionality gives you two separate shower heads, with one fixed to the ceiling and a smaller, removable shower head perfect for when you just need a quick rinse down or to wash your hair in a hurry.

  1. Mira Vision 1.1797.102 Digital Shower Concealed with Wireless Remote Controller (Pumped for Gravity)

  2. Aqualisa Q Shower Exposed Adjustable & Fixed Ceiling Heads (Gravity Pumped)

  3. Mira Mode Dual Shower Ceiling Fed Digital Shower - (Pumped for Gravity) - 1.1874.010

  4. Aqualisa iSys Exposed Digital Shower - Adjustable & Fixed Ceiling Heads (Gravity Pumped)

  5. Mira Platinum Digital Shower Dual Concealed (Pumped for Gravity) with Controller - 1.1796.002

  6. aqualisa-quartz-digital-shower-dual-exposed-gravity-pumped

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    Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower Dual Exposed (Gravity Pumped)