Double Ended Baths

You may think that rectangular baths all look pretty much the same but if you want your bathroom suite to look as luxurious as possible then double ended baths are a great choice. Instead of having the taps fitted at one end they’re fitted a long the edge to allow you to rest up against either end comfortably, or to share a bath with your partner. The waste and overflow are also situated in the middle of the bath too to ensure maximum comfort. Within our large collection we have standard double ended baths and Whirlpool double ended baths which have massage jets built in for some gentle or powerful hydrotherapy.


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  2. Ceramica Double Ended Curved Bath - 1700x700mm

  3. Ceramica Double Ended Curved Bath - 1700x750mm

  4. Ceramica Double Ended Square Bath - 1700x700mm

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