Digital Showers & Bath Fillers

Have the best of both worlds with a digital shower and a bath filler

If you want the option to be able to run a bath or have a shower then you’ve certainly got to consider getting yourself one of our stunning digital showers and bath fillers. They give you the option to have a quick blast in the shower or to soak for hours in the bath, all easily controller by a diverter switch. The only thing you need to work out is whether you need a high pressure combi model or a gravity fed pumped model. High pressure models work flawlessly on water systems with 0.5 bar pressure or above, whereas gravity pumped models come with an integral pump to ensure water is boosted to the required pressure.

  1. high-pressurecombi-digital-showers-bath-fillers

    High Pressure/Combi Digital Showers & Bath Fillers

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    From £429.00
  2. gravitypumped-digital-showers-bath-fillers

    Gravity/Pumped Digital Showers & Bath Fillers

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    From £496.46