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Designer Radiators

A radiator needn’t just be a practical purchase with our range of stunning designer radiators! Combining the best in functionality with statement designs, our range is perfect for adding that extra-special detail that can really elevate your room. Available in a choice of sizes, explore our designer radiators to find your perfect choice.

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What makes a designer radiator different? Well, along with offering heat, they are also much more decorative than a standard panel radiator, for example. Offering a sense of luxury, our horizontal designer radiators are a popular choice for those looking for a home refresh. For those prepared for something a little bolder, our vertical designer radiators are not only a statement, but work great for rooms with less available wall space. Whether you are looking for oval designer radiators, flat panel designer radiators or traditional designer radiators, shop with Plumbworld for low prices and free next day delivery.

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Radiators have always been one of those household items that perform a vital purpose but rarely make any other impact. Aesthetically, they can often be plain to look at and not a part of your decor.

The majority of radiators come in a limited number of colours - white and cream being the most common and popular options. The easiest way around this option is to use a radiator cover. However, you could instead fit gorgeous designer radiators to totally transform your home.

Installation & location

Installation is easy and direct, allowing you to plumb them straight into your central heating system. This ensures you are provided with something that’s powerful, efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Where should I fit designer radiators?

Due to their often vertical design, designer radiators are ideal for bathrooms - especially if you have limited space. Not only will they only take the vertical space offered in any room, but because of their vertical reach, they will provide efficient heating for the entire room space.

Designer radiators aren’t just for the bathroom, they’re suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, landings, kitchens and even hallways. They are perfect for anywhere that you might consider fitting a standard radiator but want to save on space.

Design variations

Our ranges can be purchased in either traditional or contemporary designs, like the below examples, creating seriously eye-catching centrepieces while excelling at basic jobs, like heating your home.

Contemporary Designer Radiators
Traditional Designer Radiators

At Plumbworld, our radiators are available in horizontal and vertical styles in a range of sizes, ensuring you can get just the right size for the space you’re trying to heat.

A variety of colours are also available, depending on the colour scheme you’ve got in your home, from the traditional white through to the stylishly modern grey anthracite.

Are designer radiators efficient?

Designer radiators are efficient, however, as some or many don’t feature convection fins like you would see in a standard radiator, they aren’t as efficient.

Aside from the lack of convection fins, designer radiators are also limited by their colour - grey or chrome finishes aren’t as white when it comes to emitting heat.

Though they aren’t as efficient as standard radiators, designer radiators are still an effective heat source, depending on where you use them. You can find a designer radiator that has a high BTU rating and is made from high-performance materials.

How to fit designer radiators?

Your designer radiators will fit into your existing central heating system and we’ve made a step-by-step guide to installing a designer and vertical radiator.


  1. Switch-off your heating system - this ensures safety while installing the radiator

  2. Choose where you want to place your radiator - close to current pipework and away from doors

  3. Fit your brackets - ensures they’re in position and can support the radiator before attaching it to the wall

  4. Fit the radiator valves - do this nearest to where your current pipework is, or pipework will be; wrap the valves in PTFE tape

  5. An extra pair of hands - this will help with marking the position to install the radiator and the actual fitting

  6. Check it’s level - use a spirit level to check your radiator is level and mark where the centre is on the wall with a pencil - then mark the top and bottom of the radiator

  7. Check the bracket distance - mark the distance between your brackets; this will show the distance to the centre of the radiator

  8. Get drilling - drill and attach the top brackets and use the screws and plugs provided with the radiator so it is correctly fitted and won’t move

  9. Fix the bottom bracket - repeat the above process to attach the bottom brackets to the wall

  10. Connect to the pipes - connect your vertical radiator valves to your heating pipework, making sure that everything is secured and tight

  11. Turn it on - now, you can turn your heating back on and fill the system, making sure to check it works and for any leaks