RAS-D Domestic Radiator Thermostats are manufactured to the highest standards in the most modern computerised plant of its kind, and perform in a way others find difficult to match.

The RAS-D now comes with the revolutionary new Revolver valve. The Revolver addresses all the shortcomings of all manufacturer’s current generation of bi-directional TRVs, incorporating a ‘flow selector’ feature allowing the installer to change the direction of the flow through the valve simply by turning the setting ring through 180°.

The RAS-D also features a unique snaplock method of mounting the sensor onto the valve body, eliminating the need for special tools.

A discreet locking and limiting feature is also incorporated. With built-in sensor models. a convenient 'Positive Off' feature is provided, as well as a 'Frost Protection' setting.

Approved to European Standard EN215, and manufactured under BS5750, EN29002 and IS09002 Quality Systems.

  • Please Note: These valves have white heads
  • High performance
  • Reversible bi-directional angled pattern valve bodies
  • Remote sensors
  • Unique snap-lock sensor fixing
CE Approved

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Danfoss RAS-D2 Thermostatic 8/10/15mm Reversible Angle TRV Reviews

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5.0/ 5
3 reviews
  • Rebekah Flynn
    5/ 5

    This is an excellent product. I used to have the radiators on a low setting in the bedrooms but sometimes they would still make the rooms too warm. These thermostatic valves are great. I tested them yesterday afternoon when the temperature in the bedroom was 18 degrees C. With the valve at the 3 seting the radiator didn't get warm at all. I tested it again last night when the temperature in the room was 12 degrees C. the radiator came on full for 15 minutes but when the room reached 16 degrees, the radiator turned off even though the heating was still on downstairs. This will save lots of wasted energy and keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature. I'm sure they will have paid for themselves within a couple of years They are also very easy to fit. I fitted them myself in 20 minutes while flushing the heating system.

  • PaulS
    5/ 5

    An excellent top quality product that works very efficiently. I was a little concerned about the reducing valves supplied, as I have 10mm pipework on my central heating system and wasnt too sure how efficient they were. Rest assured they worked well with no problems. The price at Plumbworld for this item is also excellent

  • gram
    5/ 5

    plumword very efficent,delivered on time