Croydex Cheadle Flexi Fix Glass Shelf - QM511441

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When you are considering the purchase of bathroom accessories, practicality and style are certainly the two qualities that most of you will look for. With the Croydex Cheadle Flexi-Fit range, you get the best of both worlds due to a sleek and stylish design and a functionality that is second to none. This range gives you the ability to eliminate the mess that other bathroom accessories will no doubt bring you during installation.

Where the range really stands out, however, is through the innovative and unique Flexi-Fit feature that means you can ditch the drill and use two easy installation methods. The universal ‘X’ plate that is common throughout the range allows you to fit their accessories on existing holes left by older accessories. Furthermore, you could just glue the accessories into place – even on uneven surfaces. If you love a bit of drilling, do not worry, you can still use the traditional method of installation as well.

Constructed of sturdy zinc alloy and finished with a sleek and modern chrome, the Croydex Cheadle Flexi Fix Glass Shelf will off the durability and style that will add, sparkle and personality to your bathroom. Designed to give you additional storage space in your bathroom whether, for toiletries or makeup, these glass shelves from Croydex also greatly improving the aesthetic nature of your bathroom.

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Features and Benefits

  • Solid brass construction which provides high-quality and durability.
  • Chrome-plated finish which brings a modern style to any new or old contemporary bathroom.
  • Elegant design that adds both functionality and style to your room.
  • Flexi-Fit range provides three different installation methods, glue, use old screw holes or newly created screw holes.
  • Easy-to clean and maintain.
  • Perfect for the convenient storage of toiletries and makeup. 
  • No drill required unless you are creating new holes for installation.
  • Universal ‘X’ plate allows for the range of Flexi-Fit accessories to be swapped and changed with ease.
  • No matter the hole alignments or configurations, the innovative ‘X’ plate allows you to use them.

Includes the Following:

  • Croydex Cheadle Flexi-Fit Glass Shelf
  • Innovative and easy-to-use fixtures and fittings
  • Product guarantee of 1-year
Croydex Flexi Fit Toilet Seats
1 Year Guarantee

Croydex Cheadle Flexi Fix Glass Shelf - QM511441 Video


Croydex Cheadle Flexi Fix Glass Shelf - QM511441

£36.98 (Inc. VAT)

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