Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Soft Cream


Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Soft Cream

The Quick & Easy Way To Fix Your Chipped Bath, Sink or Shower Tray

It can happen to anyone, something heavy slips from your fingers and falls into the bath or sink with a crash. You look down to find your beautiful bathroom ruined by an ugly chip.

Until recently your only choices were to live with the damage or fork out a small fortune on buying and fitting a replacement. (If you could even find a plumber to do the work!)

But now, there is a better option. Simply buy a Cramer bath repair kit, follow the simple instructions and your bathroom will be as good as new.

"So Simple Even a Complete DIY Novice Would Find it Easy "

Your Cramer bath repair kit has been designed to be used by anyone, regardless of experience and comes complete with easy to follow, step by step instructions.

Please see product options for various colours.

CE Approved

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Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Soft Cream Reviews

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4.8/ 5
11 reviews
  • Lisa
    5/ 5

    I had chipped the edge of my toilet twice replacing the ceramic toilet brush holder after washing the floor and was mortified. It looked unsightly. Saw this product on the website and thought I would give it a go. Absolutely marvellous. Wouldnt know I had chipped it. My husband kindly did it for me so I dont know how easy it is to use. Definately worth it. My toilet is soft cream and the colour is very slightly lighter but I cant really notice it and I know where to look. Would buy again and recommend to friends.

  • Janelatta
    5/ 5

    Had a small chip in bath from tiler dropping a tile into it.....didnt want to replace the whole bath but was allowing water to leak through onto floor. Googled this product and gave it a try....worked wonders.....did the job sealed the hole stopped the leak and was an amazing colour match to our soft cream bath....cannot tell that the bath has been repaired, am a very happy customer and would recommend this product.

  • Delighted from Fareham
    5/ 5

    This is an absolutely excellent product and has repaired a very badly damaged ceramic shower basin and has saved us loads of additional expense. Without this we would have had to purchase a new one! We cannot see any cracks or marks since we have used the repair kit and I would recommend this product to anyone - just brilliant.

  • SteveH
    5/ 5

    Very easy to apply, good choice of 3 grades of abrasive paper to achieve fine finish. Used to repair a shower tray where I had dropped items when fitting a shower unit, repaired one 1cm wide gash and a few very small chips. Worked equally well on both larger and tiny chips.

  • D Edwards
    5/ 5

    This product is not for cracks but I cracked my toilet so I had nothing to loose. I was very surprised how well this worked filled the chip and crack very nicely and the colour match is very close. I would recommend this product.