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Coram shower trays are revolutionising the shower enclosure and wet room world. They’re made from Coratech which is a resin formulation boasting the same strength of stone resin but without the added weight. Most trays are easily a one man lift and even the largest weigh less than 25kg which is the equivalent of a bag of cement. The Coratech trays aren’t just a one trick pony either, they’re acrylic capped ABS instead of older style gel coatings which helps protect from chipping and scratches. Minor scratches can simple be polished off too! The feet on the riser trays simply attach by screwing and the panels to hide the waste clip straight on with zero faffing. This means one person can easily fit one in under 20 minutes. On the top side of the trays are the upstands which allow perfect tiling and a watertight seal. If this wasn’t enough then you’ll also be covered by Coram’s incredible 10 year manufacturer warranty.
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  2. Coram Coratech Easy Plumb Offset Quadrant Shower Tray- 1000 x 800mm (2 Upstands Left Entry)

  3. Coram Coratech Easy Plumb Offset Quadrant Shower Tray- 1000 x 800mm (2 Upstands Right Entry)

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Coram Coratech Easy Plumb Square Shower Tray - 760 x 760mm (3 Upstands)

British ingenuity

I've fitted a few of these now for customers and never had a problem. The tiling 'upstand' design makes it virtually impossible for a failed silicone seal to let water permeate around the sides of the tray, a common problem over time with normal trays. the raised feet make levelling the tray and connecting/servicing the waste easy. For solid floor applications they are the best solution I know of, for other floor types they are still excellent although it does mean a possibly unecessary step up into the tray.

Bradley Conway

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