Clearance Towel & Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet Rolls & Hand Towels Need a Home Too

If you’re tired of fumbling the toilet roll and watching it unreel itself across the bathroom floor away from you then it sounds like you’re in the market for a toilet roll holder. Let’s face it you don’t need to spend a fortune on something that’s going to hold your toilet roll or hand towel which is why you should start here, in our Clearance Towel & Toilet Roll Holders. We’ve got a huge range of stunning designs which will suit the aesthetics of any bathroom, all you need to do is pick which you love the most!

  1. Aqualux Kosmos Spare Toilet Roll Holder

  2. Kapri Organic Towel Ring

  3. Aqualux Pro 2514 Towel Rail Double 600mm

    Best Seller!

    Aqualux Pro 2514 Towel Rail Double 600mm