Clearance Showers

Showers are one of the main focal points in any bathroom and buying one brand new can get pretty pricey! That’s why we don’t send our old stocks back to the suppliers but rather pass them onto you with a much discounted price tag. In our Clearance Showers range we’ve got electric and mixer full showers, valves on their own, shower kits and of course the accessories and spares that go with them. Don’t spend a fortune on your new bathroom and delve into our clearance section instead.

  1. Clearance Electric Showers

    Clearance Electric Showers

    From £99.97
    with 3 choices
  2. Clearance Mixer Showers

    Clearance Mixer Showers

    From £127.29
    with 11 choices
  3. Clearance Mixer Valves

    Clearance Mixer Valves

    From £29.97
    with 3 choices
  4. Clearance Shower Kits

    Clearance Shower Kits

    From £16.97
    with 3 choices
  5. Clearance Shower Heads

    Clearance Shower Heads

    From £3.97
    with 8 choices
  6. Clearance Shower Handsets

    Clearance Shower Handsets

    From £4.97
    with 6 choices
  7. Clearance Shower Hoses

    Clearance Shower Hoses

    From £4.97
    with 1 choices