Clearance Bathroom Mirrors

Multi-functional bathroom mirrors on a budget

Mirrors are an essential part of the bathroom and a key part of our morning and evening routines but who says they need to just perform a simple function? Why can’t they be used for more while looking brilliant all at the same time? Thankfully our range of clearance bathroom mirrors hits just the right note, combining clever features and stunning aesthetics to provide you with more than just a mirror but an entirely new way of using your bathroom. They can be purchased with additional quirks like lighting so early morning pruning is easier or shaver sockets for easy charging of tooth brushes or razors.  

  1. Ceramica Battery Powered Rectangular Mirror 300x450mm

  2. Ceramica Battery Powered Rectangular LED Mirror with 24 LEDs

  3. Vasari Paola LED Mirror

  4. Vasari Casone LED Mirror

  5. Vasari Monti LED Mirror with Cosmetic Inset

  6. Vasari Paola LED Mirror with Shaver Socket

  7. Vasari Villani LED Mirror with Demister

    Best Seller!

    Vasari Villani LED Mirror with Demister

  8. Vasari Borelli LED Mirror with Demister

  9. Vasari Maggio LED Mirror 600mm x 800mm

    £119.97 (Inc. VAT)

    WAS £269.97