Classic Twilight Complete Solutions

The Classic Twilight Multipanels are sure to leave a lasting impression in your bathroom with their classic contemporary black background and fluster of stylish mirrored flecks that catch the light beautifully. To save time in hunting for silicone and accessories you need to install your Multipanels, why not purchase one of our Classic Stardust Complete Solutions which have everything you need to complete your installation including: panels, profiles, end caps, seal kits, adhesive and sealant. Choose from our Multipanel Classic Twilight Solution for Corner Installations (2 walls) and Multipanel Classic Twilight Solution for Alcove Installations (3 walls). If you’re still slightly hesitant on what the design might look like in your bathroom, then we have a Multipanel Classic Twilight Sample you can purchase so you can get a real feel for what it looks like and how it looks in different lighting.