Classic Marble Single Panels

Unlipped or Hydrolock® panels; which to choose?

Unlipped panels
Hydrolock Panels

Unlipped Panels

Unlipped panels have square cut edges so they are joined easily using a profile like the example in the above diagram. The profiles allow you to go around corners or have long runs of the unlipped panels so getting the right fit for your bathroom is really easy!

Hydrolock® Panels

Hydrolock® panels feature Multipanel’s Hydrolock® tongue and groove connection. This enables discreet joins between panels where you'd need more than one to cover a wall, just like the diagram above. These panels would still need profiles to be fitted at either end of the panelling.

  1. Multipanel Classic Bathroom Wall Panel Classic Marble Unlipped

  2. Multipanel Classic Bathroom Wall Panel Classic Marble Hydrolock Tongue and Groove

  3. Multipanel Classic Classic Marble Sample