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If it weren’t for the existence of shower wastes then we’d have some very mucky showers indeed! What you want from your shower waste is something that’s going to take away all the waste water – the water full of the dirt picked up throughout the day and the soap you use to wash it off – at a speedy rate so you’re not splashing around in a dirty puddle every time you have a shower. You want a waste that will do this and stand the test of time so you don’t have to keep replacing it. Thankfully the answer is on this page.

This high-quality hi-flow shower waste is made to quickly and efficiently drain the water from your shower tray at a rate of 25 litres per minute. It’s also built to last, made from only the best materials and finished in a lovely chrome to perfectly complement your contemporary showering area.


After a simple installation process, all you then need to do is enjoy your shower!


CE Approved

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Chrome 50mm Hi-Flow Shower Waste

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Chrome 50mm Hi-Flow Shower Waste Reviews

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  • Caroline
    4/ 5

    It does what it is meant to do