The bath panel is an essential part of finishing the bath you’ve chosen for your bathroom suite. Without a bath panel the underside of the bath will be visible and may ruin the whole essence of the design of your bathroom suite. So the solution is to install a bath panel and making this bath panel as stylish a possible is an excellent way to add a touch of extra flair to your overall design.

This Profile model features a dark walnut finish combined with a stainless steel strip that runs the length of the panel. This striking combination creates a modern appearance that will always catch the eye of anyone using your bathroom.

In addition to its stylish design, this panel is made from only the highest quality materials to ensure it’s tough and durable to withstand the trials of busy family life. Now you just need to find the time to have a relaxing soak in peace!


  • Length: 1700mm.
  • Height: 445mm.
  • Thickness of panel: 15mm.

*Please note that a specialist glass cutting tool may be required to cut this panel.

CE Approved


Techincal Drawings

Ceramica Profile Walnut Bath Side Panel 1700mm

£24.97 (Inc. VAT)

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