Ceramica G302 Grey Lappato 600 x 600mm Tile - Pack of 5 - Covers 1.76 m2

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The G302 collection is a fantastic choice when looking for a high-quality natural stone effect tile.

The collection features tiles in two popular sizes of 300x600 and 600x600. There are two surface finishes to choose from between matte or lappato and the three colours of grey, graphite and white will perfectly fit into the character of modern interiors with an industrial edge. The limestone graphic design gives a wonderful feel of a real natural material. Due to the high-quality parameters, tiles from the G302 collection can be used both in residential areas, as well as on balconies or terraces, as well as in interiors for commercial use.

Lappato Tile Finish

Lappato Finish

Translated from Italian, Lappato means ‘semi-polished’. Lappato tiles features two depths, one level is normally shiny and reflects light, whereas the other level is matte. They provide great anti-slip properties when combined, creating the perfect Lappato tile. They’re the ideal choice for creating a smooth and contemporary look in any room, leaving it looking and feeling clean and luxurious.


Abrasion Resistance - Class 3

When selecting the right tiles for your home you need to make sure that the type you buy are going to be able to put up with the use that they’ll receive. For example, a family bathroom, a kitchen or a main hallway will certainly get more footfall than a spare toilet or utility room so it’s important that frequently used areas have a higher classification for abrasion. The below chart will help to explain this for you.

Abrasion Resistance Class 3

Stain Resistance  - Class 5

Depending on where you’re planning on fitting your new tiles the stain resistance might be crucial to how long they’ll last or how easily they’ll mark. The resistance of a tile is classified using a 1 to 5 scale with 1 being stained easily and 5 having the highest resistance. The below chart will explain more.

Stain Resistance - Class 5
Frost Resistance

Frost Resistant Tiles

When a tile is frost resistant it’s able to withstand freezing and thawing conditions without affecting the integrity of the tile. Due to their effective frost resistant nature these tiles make for great use in outdoor areas, perhaps as a driveway or even garden patio.

6 Year Guarantee

6 Year Guarantee

When tiling your home you want to have reassurance that the products that you're buying, ensuring they're of a high quality and are guaranteed to last for a long time. Ceramica have designed each of their tiles with durability in mind, backing this up with a 6 year guarantee on all of them.  



Overall Size 593 x 593 mm
Thickness 10 mm
Area Covered 1.76 m2
Weight 41.04 kg
Tile Application Wall & Floor

Range Name G302
Surface Finish Lappato (Semi-Polished)
Colour Grey
Surface Type Smooth
Rectified Board Yes
Tiles Per Pack 5

Ceramica G302 Grey Lappato 600 x 600mm Tile - Pack of 5 - Covers 1.76 m2

£53.99 (Inc. VAT)

Estimated Delivery Time:
2 - 7 Days

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