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Want to save a bit of money on your water bill? If yes then a Ceramica Dual Flush Cistern Plate is an essential accessory for all bathroom suites.

They feature two separate buttons, one for a small flush and one for a larger full flush. The small flush is used primarily for liquids and the larger flush is for solids. The major advantage to this is saving masses of water by not having to use the larger flush every time you use the bathroom. It’s estimated that family households can save up to 30% on the annual water bill.


Features and Benefits:

  • Dual or twin flush buttons (Small and large flush).
  • Contemporary, clean chrome finish.
  • Only suitable for use only with the 4031266 toilet frame.



  • Height: 142mm.
  • Width: 212mm.
CE Approved
Ceramica Contour Cistern Dual Flush Plate

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