Boiling Water Taps

Can kitchen taps do more than they used to? The majority of UK adults will drink at least one hot drink a day, whether that be bog standard builders tea, the weird and wonderful Kopi Luwak coffee or even a cream and marshmallow covered hot chocolate. Whatever your hot morning or evening potion we pretty much all use a power zapping kettle to get our water to boiling point or thereabouts. If your kettle takes two and a half minutes to boil then that’s over 15 hours in a year waiting for it, plus there’s the crazy amount of power that they use. Reduce your impact on the globe while saving time in the kitchen with one of our instant boiling water taps.


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InSinkErator Boiling Hot Neo Water Tank - 45094

Very good replacement

I needed a replacement hot water heater as my old one had failed and this product was offered at a good price. Easy to install and seems to be working extremely well.

Martyn Dewhurst

InSinkErator Boiling Hot Neo Water Tank - 45094

Insinkerator boiler

This was the cheapest i could find to replace my old water boiler. Delivered very quickly, couldn't ask for any more.


InSinkErator Boiling Hot Neo Water Tank - 45094


Found this hot water boiler to be excellent value from Plumbworld would definitely buy from them again


InSinkErator HC1100 Boiling Water Tap with NeoTank – Curved Chrome


Best price on net, delivered in 2 days as quoted. Very happy and will definitely use again


InSinkErator HC1100 Boiling Water Tap with NeoTank – Curved Chrome

Fantastic product

best Price in the UK and great next day delivery pleasure to deal with

Ian T

InSinkErator HC1100 Boiling Water Tap with NeoTank – Curved Chrome

Insinkerator HC1100

This is an extremely neat and efficient boiling water tap.



Do You Really Need A Boiling Hot Water Tap?

If you think waiting for the kettle to boil is convenient then you need to get with the times and purchase one of our boiling hot water taps. They’re fantastically efficient and you get boiling water any time you want at an instant.

They aren’t just used for hot drinks either, steam your vegetables, get your pasta started, sterilise baby bottles, remove labels easily from bottles for recycling or simply make that pot noddle you’ve been craving.


Is A Boiling Hot Water Tap Expensive?

They aren’t going to be as cheap as a standard kitchen mixer tap but let’s face it they only produce cold and hot water and you need to wait a while in some instances for both of those! Our InSinkErator kits start at just under £500 and come with all the essentials you need to get one fitted in your kitchen. The water is filtered too so impurities and limescale are greatly reduced so you can have better tasting drinks. You certainly won’t get that with a standard kitchen tap.

Installation is relatively cheap too with only a plumber being required. Most units come with a plug which we can all just about figure out.


Are Boiling Hot Water Taps Safe?

Safety is paramount when it comes to dealing with such high temperatures which is why most taps will have a safety feature on the lever to ensure it’s only used when you want to use it. In most taps you’ll need to hold the lever on to ensure it stays running.

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