Halloween Decoration Ideas for Bathrooms

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Halloween decoration ideas for the bathroom may sound a little odd, but we've all gone Halloween crazy in the last few years. Way back in 2001, we spent just £12 million annually on spooky decorations and treats, but by 2015 this figure had rocketed to £335 million. Supermarkets stuff their shelves with chocolates, sweets, costumes and decorations for Halloween as soon as they have cleared their “back to school” ranges, and whatever your spooky taste, there is something to suit.

If you're hosting a Halloween party at home this year then you've probably started thinking about decorations already. But what about your bathroom? It’s one room which most of your guests will visit, so it makes sense to carry the theme through there too, from the Psycho showers scene to the the axe coming through the bathroom door in The Shining there is plenty of Hollywood horror to tap into!

Halloween Decoration Colour schemes

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Black and orange predominate Halloween colour schemes and it makes sense to stick to this when planning how to decorate your bathroom too. Don't be confined to just the Halloween sections of the shops though, as it makes more sense to buy plain black or orange towels, candles or toothbrush holders which you can use throughout the year rather than having special Halloween ones. Try to clear out anything in the room which is a different colour and this will allow the black and orange to dominate.

If black is too dark a colour for your bathroom, mix the orange with white instead, or look for towels and other items in shades of dark grey too.

Gruesome or Fun?

There are some very convincing fake blood products on the market and you could really go to town with bloody handprints all over the sink or smears of blood down the windows. This might all be a bit too much for younger guests too, so think carefully about who is coming to your house and how to pitch the decoration. Stick to items which are suitable for all age groups like the cans of fake cobweb spray which you can put everywhere to give a neglected air, or bat decorations which you can hang from the ceiling.

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Halloween Decorative Stickers

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If you have tiles in the bathroom, then stickers are the perfect solution for decorating at Halloween. Stickers adhere much better to flat, shiny tiles than they do to a painted wall, and they are easier to remove too. Search online for large wall stickers of bats, skeletons or ghosts, or look for smaller cockroach or mice stickers which you can place strategically to make it look at first glance as if your bathroom has been taken over by creepy crawlies. This is a very cheap way to make over your bathroom, but be sure to get them early as cool Halloween stickers soon get snapped up.

Glass grabbers are a type of sticker that attaches to either the window or a bathroom mirror and can give some quite scary effects.

Bottles and Jars

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Bottles of shampoo, bubble bath and face cream aren’t particularly scary and shouldn’t be given houseroom in a spooky bathroom. Clear all your lotions and potions out of the bathroom, or hide them away in cupboards. Start now to collect glass bottles and jars which you can use for your spooky display. Remove the labels and fill them with water, adding a few drops of food colouring. Label the bottles with spooky contents like “eye of newt” or “essence of bat”, and if you want to go the whole hog, try to get some cheap Halloween novelties from the supermarket like plastic bats or eyeballs to put inside. Once Halloween is over, you can remove the things from inside the bottles; dry them off and save them up for next year.


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We're usually advised to have as much bright light as possible in the bathroom, but dim and dingy fits in much better with the overall Halloween theme. Switch your light bulb for a less powerful one and cover the window with a dark blind or cloth to stop as much natural light getting in. For an adult party, candles in the bathroom give off the perfect amount of light, but these are probably not the best option for a party with children. Use Halloween lanterns or strings of fairy lights instead of the ordinary lighting, but whatever option you choose, remember that your guests need enough light to be able to use the bathroom properly.