New Bathroom Tiling Technology Set to Eliminate Mould for Good

We’re in the field of bathroom innovation; as such we love to bring you news about new technological updates that will make a life of bathroom use that much easier, and that much more comfortable. We love to keep tabs on what’s happening elsewhere in the industry – especially new inventions that solve common problems – and present them for you to have a look at here on our blog, even if we don’t directly sell said products. Today we’ve found something that relates to our recent article on getting rid of mould in the bathroom, so much so that you may never have to get to that point.

THJ Solutions has been had at work creating their ‘Reco’ bathroom tiling technology, which they describe as ‘the world’s 1st environmentally friendly alternative to tiling’. Sure, tiling can look really nice (although we’ve seen some terrible tiles in our time too), but the problem is that you’re inevitably going to mould on the grouting in-between the tiles. Of course, as we’ve discussed, there are ways to get rid of it; but wouldn’t it be better if we never had to get it in the first place. THJ Solutions believes so, and their handy invention is setting out to prove it.


Reco is made up of a series of panels constructed from Acrylic capped ABS. If you think that material sounds familiar then, don’t worry, you haven’t dreamt it! It’s the same material that manufacturers used to build baths and shower trays, ensuring that they’re waterproof enough for use in a bathroom environment. These panels are then placed on your walls instead of standard tiles, essentially making your walls waterproof too. The watertight seal, which is silicone sealant free, completely eliminates the need for grouting, so you’ll never have to do some pesky regrouting or have to deal with mould being stuck between the tiles (Reco-seal and Reco-profile removes the risk of mould developing behind the panel).

Now I bet you’re wondering if they look good, because it’s no good getting rid of the issue of mould if you’re instead making your bathroom look like an eyesore. Thankfully Reco mimics the appearance of high quality ceramic tiling, alongside a joining system that gives them a professional seamless finish look. That look is achieved a lot easier than standard tile installation too, as it’s quick to install and is simple enough to ‘get right the first time’. Plus, it’s a far less messy job too!

To find out more about the benefits of using this technology, check out the Reco brochure that’s packed full on information and examples.

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