Brilliant Bathroom Prank Videos


If you’re not careful you jump on YouTube in the morning and before you know it you’ve been sat in your pyjamas all day and you smell like the bottom of the local takeaways bin. It’s a world of endless surprises, with everything from music videos to awful amateur singers and comedy sketches to vehicle dashcam crashes. With 100 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute there’s always something new to watch, although not all of it is going to be worthy of an Oscar. One type of video that’s hit and miss are prank videos. There are an awful lot of them, from the hilarious to the downright terrifying, and of course the ones that ‘go wrong’ and end up with someone getting a crack in the face. Bathrooms seem to be a particular popular place to play pranks, not all of them clean, but we’ve dredged up some good bathroom prank videos that don’t descend into pretending to wipe ‘poo’ on the feet of bathroom users. Got any favourites yourself? Let us know in the comments!

You’re out and about and you decide to pop into a nearby porta-loo for a quick bathroom break. Finishing up, you flush and wash your hands before stepping out of the door. Except you’re now in a completely different place to where you were when you stepped into the loo, and it seems to be a business meeting between high-powered executives. Was the porta-loo actually a teleporter? No, you’re just the victim of a particularly clever prank. It’s funny how all the victims of the prank were apologetic about interrupting the meeting, although you’ve got to wonder how they didn’t hear the prank being setup!

This one definitely takes some skill to pull off! The prank is that a woman is doing her makeup in a mirror and the victims approach to wash their hands. It’s then that they suddenly realise that they have no reflection yet the woman doing her makeup does, leading to some very confused looking faces. It turns out that the mirror is actually a window and the woman on the other side is the twin of the one on the bathroom side. It’s a clever prank, and it’s amazing how both women match their movements so precisely.

One of the most embarrassing mistakes you can make is to accidentally walk into the wrong bathroom. We’ve probably all done it once, mostly because we haven’t really been paying attention. In this prank men are seen correctly walking into the men’s bathroom, but as they pass the signs are quickly swapped to the opposite sex. Thinking they’ve made a mistake when they walk in on a group of screaming women they quickly leave and go to the other bathroom, only for the signs to be swapped again and the same mistake to happen. That’s got to be confusing!

This is a simple one but it’s still funny. A boyfriend and girlfriend regularly make videos pranking each other, and in this one the boyfriend sneaks into the bathroom while his girlfriend takes a shower. He takes her hairdryer and fills it up with flour before quickly returning it. What’s the outcome? She ends up looking a bit like a porcelain doll of course!

This one would be pretty terrifying if you were the victim. It involves a suitcase with blood and hair coming out of it so that it looks like there’s a body in it. If that’s not horrific enough then there’s the ghost of the girl inside it added in for extra scariness, plus flickering lights as standard horror fare. Given the freaky tales of bathroom ghosts we’ve talked about before, experiencing one for real might be enough to bring on a heart attack.

We don’t want to end on a horrible note, so here’s a final prank of a girl filling up her sister’s bathroom with 400 balloons. I’m not sure if this is actually a bad thing or not!

Ollie Lyon

Ollie is a self-trained DIY expert who particularly enjoys kitchen and bathroom renovations. In his spare time Ollie enjoys cycling and hiking.