Bathroom Trends for 2021

With 2020 coming to an end, it’s time to look forward to 2021 and the design trends you can use to make your bathroom fashionable.

From new colours and fittings to themes, there are a considerable amount of new bathroom trends coming in 2021 to fit any size and style of space. But what are they? Which ones are best? Will they mean breaking the bank for a trendy bathroom?

Well, Plumbworld is here to talk you through some of the best bathroom trends that you can adopt in 2021. Some are as easy as painting your walls while others allow you to buy bathroom furniture. For the New Year, a new bathroom decor is a simple DIY job.

Read on to find out the new bathroom design trends coming for 2021…

Colours are Cool

While we’ve seen colours pop up in bathroom design - the odd fixture here and there - they are now going to be a reflection of your style and personality to create a more fun look.

Colours in bathrooms, and as a theme, were popular in the 80s and 90s, but then people opted for white and monochrome themes. Maybe people were mindful of estate agents advice that a neutral bathroom can help make your home more saleable. Not anymore.

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Walls, mirrors, basins, baths and furniture, they can all be bought in various colours - or be painted if they are wood. You can almost go with any colour you want - it is your bathroom after all. Shades of pinks, lilacs, greens and more. Imagine a coloured basin with black taps against a similarly coloured wall. It’s fun, it’s your personality, it’s the top trend for 2021.

Fluted Finishes & Furniture

When we say fluted finishes, what we mean is grooved and ribbed surfaces on everything from furniture to glass and wall panelling. It’s another reinvention of the art deco era.

These delicately ribbed surfaces can be found, mainly, on vanity units and cabinets. However, you can also buy shower doors or screens featuring decorative, vertically grooved glass to offer instant privacy while allowing light to shine through.

This is a trend that will work well with minimalist design styles as well as bold colours. You can even extend the fluted, ribbed trend to your bathroom accessories, such as dishes, vases and other trinkets to keep the vertical, linear style going. For a modern and minimalist design, fluted finishes will look fantastic despite their yesteryear origins.

Natural Neutrals

Neutrals colours used to be just that, neutral, as in pale beige. Now, the pallet has grown to include more natural neutral shades that see browns matched with black.

In fact, the Dulux colour of 2021, called ‘Brave Ground’, is a colour “that connects back to nature and the simple things. A warm, earthy tone, it creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home”. That is, basically, what natural neutrals can do for your bathroom, combine warmth and creativity.

You combine this theme with bold or black accents, such as taps and accessories, or with wooden furniture to keep a modern and natural trend going. For peace of mind following a pretty shocking 2020, and a harmonious decor reset, natural neutrals are a top trend.

Marvellous Marble

Marble can be a bit ostentatious to some, but when it’s done properly, marble can breath new life into a bathroom. Marble is making a thorough comeback for styling.

It used to be that marble was for grand, expensive spaces - not anymore. Marble is a beautiful natural material which comes in a wide variety of colours, markings and veins, allowing you to be much more adventurous than in the past. You pair marble wall tiles or panels with the floor, but also with your fixtures and fittings.

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Through your taps, mirror frames or even basins, you can incorporate touches of green, blue, yellow, and black. It can be basically anything a bit out of the ordinary to make their own mark against or alongside the veins which can come in various colours.

Clean and Minimal

The popularity of strong, clean, simple lines - sometimes called architectural lines - remains popular and isn’t going away anytime soon.

This trend is inspired by industrial and modernist style interiors. It combines textures, like concrete or matt paint walls, with open and simple furniture for a modern, minimalist look. This can include open vanity units and cabinets that feature black metal frames on the outside and open shelving.

This is a great way to also make your bathroom look larger. The more space your eyes can see, either through mirrors reflecting light or less of a wall and floor blocked away due to cabinets, the better. This is also why hanging furniture will work well with this trend.

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Black Beauty

We’ve already touched on this trend already in a previous blog, but that’s because black bathroom touches aren’t going anywhere - they work with everything.

Hugely popular and incredibly stylish, matte black finishes are here to stay because they are so contemporary in design and add an easy luxury touch. Black taps, accessories, basins, open shelves and showers. There’s so much you can try in this trend. Then, you can mix it with bold colours, naturals or marble - it’s a trend within a trend.

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Black taps and showers are different from the usual chrome or metallic finishes - your eyes are drawn to them because they stand out so well - adding something unique to your bathroom. Black features will draw the eyes to statement pieces in a modern bathroom.

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