7 Small Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to cloakrooms, en suites or even bathrooms, you can be quite tight for space. You want your bathroom to look bigger and brighter and with a cleverly thought out design, you can! We’ve put some ideas together to help you achieve your dream bathroom with the space you’ve been given.

1. Storage Bath Panel

Often, people forget about the space you lose around your bath when you add side panels - however, if you opt for a sliding bath panel/removable door, there’s plenty of space for cleaning products or toiletries to be hidden away with easy access to. And don’t worry - they’re fully lockable and safe for the family.

As well as being good for storage, if you need to do any maintenance work under your bath then you also have a quick access point.


2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are always a good trick to making your bathroom feel bigger than it actually is. They reflect and multiply what’s in your room so try to keep the colour schemes light and airy to maximise a spacious atmosphere. If your bathroom has a small window (or is windowless), then a mirror with built-in LED lights is a great way to give you some concentrated lighting without using the ceiling light.

Another option, if you have enough room, could be looking into getting a mirror cabinet. You'd be surprised the number of things you can store in them which also clears up anything that clutters the room.


3. Shower Over Bath

This seems like one of the most obvious ones, but it really is useful to have a shower bath if you can’t fit them separately in your bathroom. You get the best of both worlds in one, and with that, it’s the best compromise!

We advise using a transparent glass screen as opposed to frosted - using a frosted shower screen acts like a wall making the room look even smaller - whereas a clear screen keeps the room open as you can still see your tiles/panels behind it. Shower screens are also more hygienic and stylish than shower curtains! Check out our glass cleaning products here.


4. A Corner Toilet

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, but corner toilets give you plenty of extra space whilst still remaining the same size as a regular toilet! As it fits perfectly into any alcove in the room, it opens up more floor space for you to organise your bathroom. Fitted with a soft closing lid, gone are the days of accidentally dropping it in the middle of the night!


5. Heated Towel Rail

Heated towel rails have had a big impact on bathroom design over the last few years. They’re stylish and come in a range of different sizes to suit your bathroom. As well as being pleasing to the eye, they still do the jobs required - heat your room and dry your towels!

Unlike a standard radiator, heated towel rails take up less space as they are slim and hung vertically. This opens up a considerable amount of floor space giving you the option to adjust your suite and decor.


6. Small basin & Vanity Unit

These basin and vanity units are perfect for cloakrooms and en suites as they’re small but deceptively hold a good amount of storage. They are built with space-saving in mind, so your bathroom will never feel cramped, instead, will look stylish and spacious!

Whether you need a small basin and vanity unit for a cloakroom so there’s space to get to the toilet, or, for an en suite to fit a decent sized shower, these are an excellent choice without impacting your limited space.


7. Darker Flooring

The contrast between a white bathroom suite and darker flooring really brightens up the room and makes it visually bigger. Using larger plain tiles will create more of a spacious bathroom, so try to avoid busy designs.

Your floor and wall colours need to work together as this is key to making the room appear larger. Monochrome colours, for example, are very distinctive but don’t be scared to add a pop of colour!

If you’re using rectangular tiles, place them perpendicular to the length of your bathroom - the eye is drawn to lines and by doing this it will exaggerate the width distance.


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