10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Big


A tiny bathroom is on many people’s list of complaints about their homes. In the UK in particular, bathrooms tend towards the minuscule…this is partly because the average home here is small and partly because some bathrooms were later additions to homes which once had no inside bathroom at all, especially older properties. Remember those cold trips to the toilet?

The problem lies of course not only in the issues with storage but also in the fact that a bathroom should ideally feel light, airy and spacious in order to feel comfortable. So what can you do if your bathroom is less than spacious? Is there a way that you can maximise what space there is available and make the room seem more luxurious at the same time? The answer is yes; there are a number of tricks which you can put into play to make your bathroom look bigger.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Big 

Colour counts

There are certain rules relating to colour which cannot be set aside when you’re attempting to make a room look larger. Dark colours bring the walls in towards the occupants which makes a room seem smaller and cosier. This is why many stately homes use dark colours in their décor: think about those traditional libraries painted in bottle greens and wine reds; those old houses are huge and the reasoning behind the dark colours is to make the room seem more homely and approachable. You don’t want to do that with your tiny bathroom however, so choose a shade of white, cream, pale yellow, blue or green to make a small room seem to expand. Some shades of grey will also work; dove grey can look extremely stylish when teamed with contrasting wood work for instance.

Keeping clutter down

Clutter will shrink a room more than any other issues the room in question may have. In bathrooms the most common offenders are window sills, the sides of baths and any cupboards or cabinets and shelves. If your bathroom has multiple piles of cosmetics and bottles and jars which are not used regularly then it’s time to cull them! Ditch anything that you have not used for a month, unless it’s very special such as a perfume which you save for special occasions.

Keep your surfaces totally free of all but that which is most needed, everything else should be stowed away and out of sight. There’s no need to keep toothbrushes and soap out, hide them in your cabinets and keep things elegant.

 Mirror image

It’s a well known fact that mirrors make rooms appear larger; by reflecting the light and the room itself, a space can appear to double in size with the addition of a large mirror. Think about where you could include yours, do you have a shortage of blank wall? Why not add a mirror onto the back of the door or beside the bath? It doesn’t matter where it goes, it just needs to be there.


Storage needs to be cleverly arranged in rooms like this; keep things tucked out of sight by using under sink storage as well as the spaces above doors and toilets. These are ideal spots for piling towels which can look very attractive if you choose beautiful colours.

Finishing touches

Ceiling lights should be sunken, LED spotlights are a good choice as they are cheap to run and won’t take up any extra space. Window dressings should be kept as simple as possible; if at all possible avoid the use of curtains but stick to frosted glass and blinds. The smooth lines will add extra space. Try to avoid storing laundry baskets in the bathroom as they will take up space and look messy.

These are not difficult alterations to make but are very easy to carry out…should you want your bathroom to appear larger, give them a try and you’ll be amazed at the results.

  1. Choose a light colour
  2. Paint woodwork a shade darker
  3. Keep clutter down
  4. Make sure surfaces are clear
  5. Add a large mirror
  6. Integrate your storage
  7. Add height with piles of towels
  8. Clever lighting
  9. Simple window dressings
  10. Avoid storing laundry in the bathroom

You will find that if you implement all of these changes, then your bathroom will definitely appear larger and more spacious, and it will also be a far more pleasant place to spend time in too.

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