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Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

brilliant shower!!

Product turned up on time as expected. it got installed a few days later and the product came with all accessories, including a brilliant shower head that has 4 different settings. Showers brilliantly and looks stylish and smart. All touch button operations with dial to adjust specific temperature. The boost feature if useful for that feeling of harder hitting water, but works better in this feature when the shower head is raised more higher from your head. However, when the feature is used, it does increase the noise of the usually silent unit. But for the about of time I use it, its not bothered me at all really. Best price on the market at the time of purchase I could find. Great eco feature for summer showers to conserve on electricity consumption yet still provide warm water. (not used this feature yet as not used over summer period yet). But easily heats up near freezing water without busting a gut! (setting at half way)

Paul B

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

Customer very happy

My customer specified this product and I had to find it at a reasonable price, which I did on the Plumbworld website. The product is well packed with comprehensive fitting instructions and even a wall template to aid in positioning. A good quality finish and very easy to fit, I would recommend this unit to anyone wanting a good electric shower. This was used to replace a Dolphin bathrooms shower that had failed so all the wiring was already in place. The pipework can be hidden completely thanks to the swivel joint on the shower that allows you to face it backwards as well as up & down.

The Village Plumber

Mira 415 Spares Black Cartridge Assembly (902.55)

Best replacement cartridge ever!

drip drip drip went the shower, moan moan moan went the wife, she said i'd better fix it or there would be lots of strife!!! Sooooo after a little investigation work in my columbo mac i discovered the cartridge is the reason for drippy shower and if its fed from a combi boiler the black one is required......and just one more need the white one if its not combi boiler! Now no more drippy drippy, and i got a happy wife, now i can watch football and have a happy happy life.........tku plumbworld :)

Brooklynn Myers

Triton AS2000XT Aqua Sensation Thermostatic Power Shower

A2000XT Satisfactory quality

Overall quite happy with the shower although we had to get an engineer to come and look at the shower after installation by our plumber as it was leaking from the unit and on inspection found that an O ring was the cause and had to be replaced. He then found that it required a new solenoid, thereafter it worked OK. While it works fine now I was a little disappointed that a brand new shower should have these faults. As there was a delay in getting the shower fitted, due the plumber being busy, and getting the Triton engineer to call the unit wasnt up and ready to use for around 6 weeks after delivery.


Mira Advance ATL Thermostatic Electric Shower 9kW White / Chrome

my best shower

A very stylish shower-thank god no more cut-offs from a toilet flushing or tap running. Still cuts off with a washing machine going but I expected that. I Now get a consistent flow of water with the thermostatic control even though our water pressure isnt terrific in this area. I Could have used more room for making the copper pipe joints as I had to turn the existing through 90 degrees and had leaks until Boss White added to the olives. Humms quietly in use,with attractive blue indicator lights and a cheeky beep at the end.