Bathroom With Wall Hung Toilet Macerators

Macerators for a full bathroom including a wall hung toilet

If you’re planning to create a stunning new bathroom but don’t have access to the sewage line in that area don’t panic, our full bathroom macerators are just the thing you need. A macerator is basically a pump, but it doesn’t provide extra power to your bathroom outlets, instead it pumps waste water back to the sewer pipework instead of using gravity like most bathrooms. This means you can install a full bathroom anywhere you’d like in your home without worrying about disposing of waste water. These particular units are designed for full bathrooms that feature a wall hung toilet. They all come with fantastic guarantees and also benefit from free delivery.

Macerators are quite a technical product, so don't rush in! Take your time to understand what's important and what isn't by reading our FREE Instant Download guide.

  1. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC4C Macerator - 46653

  2. Grundfos Sololift2 CWC-3 Macerator (97775331)

  3. Saniflo Sanipack Pro Up Macerator Pump - 6052

    Best Seller!

    Saniflo Sanipack Pro Up Macerator Pump - 6052