Bathroom With Standard Toilet Macerators

Macerators for full bathroom applications

Don’t let your home’s plumbing system govern your redesigning or where you want certain rooms to be. With our complete range of macerators you can choose to fit your new bathroom exactly where you want it without having to built it around where the sewer pipework is. These particular units are designed for use with a full bathroom suite so that could include a toilet, basin, bath or shower, giving you that extra boost to pump any waste water out of your house. They’re easy to install and give you total flexibility over your new bathroom, allowing positioning of units and furniture just as you want them. All of our units come with a brilliant guarantee to back them and of course benefit from free delivery.

Macerators are quite a technical product, so don't rush in! Take your time to understand what's important and what isn't by reading our FREE Instant Download guide.

Macerator Feature & Performance Comparison

  1. Flo-Force Extra Macerator Pump - 600W with 3 Inlets

  2. flo-force-ultra-macerator-pump

    Best Seller!

    Flo-Force Ultra Macerator Pump with High Grade Motor Casing - 600W with 3 Inlets

  3. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC3 Macerator - 46576

  4. Grundfos Sololift2 WC-3 Macerator (97775330)

  5. Saniflo Sanipro Up Macerator Pump - 6006

  6. Saniflo Saniaccess 3 Macerator Pump - 1902

  7. Saniflo Sanislim Macerator Pump- 1054/1

  8. Saniflo Saniplus Up Macerator Pump - 6003