Bathroom Vanity Units - Freestanding Contemporary

Extend your bathrooms storage space with a gorgeous floorstanding bathroom vanity unit

Do you dream of a designer inspired clutter free bathroom? If so, that dream no longer has to remain just a dream. With our extensive range of varied floorstanding bathroom vanity units at affordable prices, you can admire their gorgeous appearance and make good use of their included storage space. Drawers and double doors open on to spaces that can hide away all those bathroom products that can clutter your space. Whether you want a unit with inset basin, without a basin, and in white or another beautiful finish there is a selection available for you – whatever size you require.

  1. White Floorstanding Vanity Units

    From £49.97
    with 21 choices

    White Floorstanding Vanity Units
  2. Wood Floorstanding Vanity Units

    From £69.97
    with 10 choices

    Wood Floorstanding Vanity Units