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Bathroom Taps By Brand

Knowing that you’re buying branded taps fills you with confidence, especially when they’re such brands as Grohe, Mira or Bristan because you know they’ve been in the bathroom industry for a long time, providing high-quality products you know you can trust. Within all of our brands we stock a full range of bathroom taps from basin mixers right through to bath shower mixers so you’ll have no problem kitting out your entire bathroom should you need to, or even all the bathrooms in your home.

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  2. Bristan Smile Small Basin Mixer Chrome - SM SMBAS C

  3. Bristan Smile Basin Mixer with Clicker Waste Chrome - SM BAS C

  4. Grohe Eurosmart Basin Mixer Tap with Smooth Body

  5. Bristan Smile Basin Taps Chrome - SM 1/2 C

  6. Essentials Basin Mixer Tap and Bath Shower Mixer Tap Set

  7. Merano Laguna Bath Mixer Tap

  8. Architeckt Misa Bath Mixer Tap

  9. Architeckt Motala Bath Mixer Waterfall Tap

  10. Essentials Basin Mixer Tap and Bath Mixer Tap Set

  11. Park Lane Oxford Basin Taps and Bath Taps Set

  12. Bristan Pisa Basin Mixer Tap with Clicker Waste Chrome - PS2 BAS C

  13. Bristan Pisa Basin Taps Chrome - PS2 1/2 C

  14. Grohe Eurosmart Basin Mixer Tap with Pop-Up Waste

  15. Architeckt Edsberg High Rise Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  16. Park Lane Oxford Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  17. Architeckt Osmo Bath Mixer Tap

  18. Architeckt Misa Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  19. Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Mixer Tap

  20. Architeckt Pedras Basin Mixer Tap

  21. Park Lane Winchester Basin Taps and Bath Taps Set

  22. Bristan Smile Contemporary Bath Taps Chrome - SM 3/4 C

  23. Architeckt Malmo Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  24. Architeckt Carno Basin Mixer Tap

  25. Merano Laguna Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  26. Architeckt Skara Bath Mixer Tap

  27. Park Lane Worcester Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  28. Architeckt Lulea Bath Mixer Tap

  29. Bristan Quest Basin Mixer Chrome - QST BASNW C

  30. Bristan Pisa Bath Taps Chrome - PS2 3/4 C

  31. Bristan Nero Basin Taps Chrome - NR 1-2 C

  32. Bristan Nero Basin Mixer Tap Chrome - NR BASNW C

  33. Bristan Quest Basin Taps Chrome - QST 1/2 C

  34. Bristan Clio Basin Mixer Chrome - CLI BAS C

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