Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors are the only bathroom accessories that can tell you who’s the fairest of them all! Having a good quality mirror is arguably one of the most important items of furniture in the smallest room. Whether you opt for a large focal type to reflect light, a mirrored cabinet to add some helpful extra storage or a small vanity mirror to keep you looking your best – it’s still a necessity. As the focus shifts towards bathroom designs that are both stylish and functional, a mirror is usually at the top of most people’s list. No matter if you’re completely gutting a bathroom and starting from scratch or just sprucing up a tired looking bathroom, a mirror will certainly brighten things up and add the illusion of space.

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  2. Croydex Trent Single Door Stainless Steel Lockable Medicine Cabinet 400 x 250mm - WC846005

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Croydex Hang 'N' Lock Parkgate Rectangular Mirror with Brushed Steel Frame 920 x 610mm - MM701605

Hib Willow Mirror

Very pleased with my purchase of mirrors, they are excellent quality and look fabulous when on wall :)

Dawn Usher

Hudson Reed Prisma LED Illuminated Mirror - Bluetooth Speakers, Demister & Digital Clock 600 x 800mm

Happy wife

What more can I say than it ticks all the boxes by the wife!


Croydex Malham LED Illuminated Mirror 490 x 300mm Battery Operated - MM730100E

Looks great

Looks great, easy to install, overall great value!



Bathroom Mirrors - Things To Consider:

Bathroom mirrors are a bit different to the average mirror that you simply hang on the wall. With manufacturers realizing just how long people spend in the bathroom every day, features and designs have started to change for the better. As well as this, over the last few years, there have been huge advancements within the industry and this has changed the function of a mirror completely.



Mirrors are no longer just mirrors; they have a whole range of features ranging from demisting abilities all the way to integrated shaver sockets. These features have been designed to be as useful as possible in order to make your bathroom time far more productive and efficient. Some of our most popular sellers are mirrors with clocks as they make it much harder to be late since you always have the time in your face. Some of these mirrors also include a radio function and some (as mentioned previously) also include shaver sockets to make your morning bathroom visit hassle-free.





Mirror Lighting:

If you don’t always want your main bathroom light on, good news, you can buy mirrors with integrated lights. These come in the form of overhead lights, illuminated mirrors, fluorescent backlighting and LED bathroom mirrors. LEDs are becoming increasingly common as they are rechargeable and can run off batteries; this means you can avoid all the hassle of wiring. There are also low energy mirrors available if power consumption is a priority. Make sure you identify your requirements first, then buy accordingly.




Mirrors & Storage:

If your bathroom is small and space is limited, it might be a wise idea to invest in a mirror with additional storage! Whilst mirrors have a completely different primary function, they can also offer some clever space saving solutions. A range of our mirrors have attached shelves on the bottom to provide a small storage area for simple things such as combs, creams and other beauty products. Whilst a shelf doesn’t offer a large amount of storage, you could always opt for a mirror cabinet that combines an effective storage medium with mirrored doors for reflection. This will allow you much more room for toiletries, hair products and even medicines which will hopefully free up space elsewhere in the room.


Bathroom Zones & Ratings:

If you’re buying a mirror with any electrical features, you need to first be aware of safety issues and building regulations regarding bathroom zones and IP ratings. IP is simply short for ingress protection and this is all about keeping moisture aware from electrical appliances. Bathrooms are split up into zones, ranging from 0-3 and these zones dictate the level of risk in particular areas. The higher the zone number, the lower the risk. Each zone is limited to specific electrical equipment and has certain requirements before anything can be installed, therefore it’s important to check ratings before purchasing:

  • Zone 0: This is the area inside a shower enclosure or bath. This requires fittings to have a minimum rating of IP67 which protects the electrics against total immersion in water. Fittings must also be SELV with a max of 12Volts.
  • Zone 1: The area above the shower or bath up to a height of 225cm. The minimum IP rating for this zone is IP44 and if there’s a chance of strong jets of water being used for cleaning, IPX5 is also required.
  • Zone 2: This area is a 60cm strip parallel to the bath or above zone 1. It’s also wise to consider a 60cm radius around washbasin taps to be a zone 2 area to be on the safe side. Yet again, the minimum IP rating for this area is IP44 and this extends to IPX5 if water jets are going to be used in the proximity.
  • Zone 3: This is the area that doesn’t fall under any other zones, basically, the ‘safer’ parts of your bathroom. No IP rating is required to install or fit electrical equipment here, however any additions should stick closely to the BS7671 general rules.

For a better understanding of the zones, here’s a visual graphic that clearly identifies the areas.